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Cubis® Precision Balance

MSA – the Non Plus Ultra

  • Top-of-the-line technology and information design
  • Touch screen featuring high-resolution color TFT for high-contrast display of text and graphics
  • Outstanding operating convenience and display quality, especially for complex applications
  • Q-Apps that can be customized to your individual workflows

Order Number:  MSA524P-1CE-DI

Availability:  On Request

Cubis®. Buffet, à la Carte or Fully Customized?

Universal lab balances often have only limited options for adaptation to special workflows in laboratories. Usually, a situation results where SOPs have to be modified to work around the balance functionalities available.

Sartorius Cubis® balances overcome these limitations. They are the first laboratory balances that not only can be seamlessly integrated into your individual workflows. Thanks to a wide selection of accessories and mechanical components for extended options, these balances can also be adapted to your weighing containers and workplace conditions better than any other balance.

Users can choose from thousands of options to configure their balance to suit their individual needs and obtain the optimal solution for integration into their process. But we didn’t stop at this level of innovation: When customers require a perfect solution to allow them to incorporate the lab balance into their processes in a fully individual way, configurability is simply not enough. With , we provide an elegant software solution that needs no additional laptop to implement a fully individual profile of specifications – from the integration of data into the infrastructure of the software to the complete control of the weighing process – and beyond. Your benefits: quick, clearlydefined processes and accuracy. But the growth on the 'hardware side' of the Cubis® family is unstoppable as well. With the new high capacity models, Cubis® now covers the entire range from the research and QC laboratory to the process developement labs and compounding areas. Here, Cubis® offers you the comprehensive accessories program to fit the solutions for your fully individual applications as well.

Safe and Easy to Use with Standard Q-Guide

In addition to aspects strictly involving metrological specifications, preparing for and performing a weighing procedure and meeting the relevant regulatory standards are gaining ever-increasing importance. With the Q-Guide user interface, work tasks are not only faster but Q-Guide eliminates the need for the user to follow time-consuming working steps. The Q-Guide is designed so that the user only ever sees what is needed for carrying out the task at hand. Once a task has been defined, Q-guide guides the user interactively through the settings and hides information that is not relevant.

Individuality is the Key - More Efficiency and Safety with Q-Apps

Turn your Cubis® lab balance into Cubis®individual, and integrate customer-specific applications, called Q-Apps, into your balance. These are reloadable application programs that guide the user step-by-step through the specific workflow. It is thus guaranteed that the procedures described in the corresponding SOPs are observed at all times. This makes Q-Apps an attractive alternative to implementing external middleware.

Choose between Two Types of Q-Apps

As individual Q-Apps are performed according to their specific application, a variety of solutions for differential weighing, formula and filling quantity control applications are available as standard Q-Apps. Moreover, it is also possible to use standardized Q-Apps applications for the determination of the minimum sample weight according to USP as well as for easy pipette calibration. Workflows can be performed independently and do not necessarily require a PC connection.

Q-Level - The Automatic, Motorized Leveling Function

Exact leveling of a lab balance is the key element in inspection equipment monitoring and is essential for reliable readings. This is where Q-Level can provide valuable support, because users can define which tasks they will perform themselves and which the balance should carry out on its own. This is possible regardless of which of the three display | control units is chosen. Cubis® is the first lab balance that automatically checks, performs and documents its exact leveling. The Cubis® balance can be leveled with the push of a button or fully automatically when the isoCALfunction has been activated. Quick and safe leveling with a significantly reduced risk of contamination for users when they work with toxic substances in safety weighing cabinets. This eases the burden on the user and allows more time for the user’s actual tasks, in addition to being safer.


Cubis®. Die Laborwaage, die sich an Ihren Prozess anpasst …
de 3.7 MB
Cubis®: The Lab Balance That Adapts to Your Process
en 4.7 MB
Cubis®. La balance de laboratoire qui s’adapte à votre processus …
fr 3.7 MB
Cubis®. La bilancia da laboratorio che si adatta al vostro processo …
it 3.7 MB
Cubis®. Лабораторные весы, которые адаптируются к вашему рабочему процессу…
ru 2.0 MB
Cubis®: A Balança de Laboratório Que se Adapta ao Seu Processo
pt 5.9 MB


zh 10.8 MB


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Cubis® Software Update 01-60-07_2706
en 11.1 MB

User Manual

Modelli Sartorius Cubis
it 9.3 MB
Sartorius SICS-Schnittstelle
de 289.3 kB
Série Sartorius Cubis — Balances de précision et d’analyse électroniques — Modèle MSA
fr 2.7 MB
Serie Sartorius Cubis — Bilance elettroniche semimicro, micro, di precisione e analitiche Modelli MSE
it 8.9 MB
Série Sartorius Cubis — Balances électroniques semi-micro, micro, de précision et d’analyse — Modèles MSE
fr 8.8 MB
Serie Cubis de Sartorius — Balanzas electrónicas semi-micro, micro, analíticas y de precisión — Modelos MSE
es 8.8 MB
Sartorius Cubis-Serie — Elektronische Semimikro-, Mikro-, Präzisions- und Analysenwaagen — Modelle MSU
de 17.0 MB
Serie Sartorius Cubis — Bilance elettroniche analitiche e di precisione — Modelli MSU
it 1.4 MB
Syntax Description — Sartorius SICS Interface
en 301.7 kB
Modelos Cubis de Sartorius
es 9.3 MB
Syntax description — Sartorius MINI - SICS Interface
en 164.0 kB
Sartorius Cubis-Serie — Elektronische Semimikro-, Mikro-, Präzisions- und Analysenwaagen — Modelle MSE
de 8.4 MB
Serie Sartorius Cubis — Bilance elettroniche analitiche e di precisione — Modelli MSA
it 2.4 MB
Série Sartorius Cubis — Balances de précision et d’analyse électroniques — Modèles MSU
fr 1.5 MB
Modèles Sartorius Cubis — Balances électroniques semi-micro, micro, de précision et d’analyse Modèles MSA et MSU
fr 9.5 MB
Sartorius Cubis Series — Electronic Semimicro Micro, Precision and Analytical Balances — MSU Models
en 18.0 MB
Sartorius YDP10BT-0CE — Stampante dati con interfaccia radio Bluetooth® per la comunicazione senza fili
es 2.0 MB
Sartorius Cubis 系列 — 精密分析天平 — MSA型
zh 18.8 MB
SICS Interface via Ethernet — How to use SICS via Ethernet
en 232.5 kB
Serie Cubis de Sartorius — Balanzas electrónicas analíticas y de precisión — Modelos MSU
es 1.4 MB
Sartorius YDP10BT-0CE — Data Printer with Bluetooth® Radio Interface for wireless communication
en 2.7 MB
Serie Cubis de Sartorius — Balanzas electrónicas analíticas y de precisión — Modelos MSA
es 2.6 MB

Product properties

  • Minimum sample weight acc. to USP (typical)
    120 mg
  • Readability
    0.1 | 0.2 | 0.5 mg
  • Weighing capacity
    120 | 240 | 520 g
  • Leveling
  • Adjustment
    Internal, isoCAL
  • Display
    High-resolution color TFT, touch screen
  • Draft shield
    Automatic, with Ionizer
  • Primary Product Type
  • Balance Type
    Precision balance
  • Brand
  • Legal verification
    Legal verification

Technical attributes

  • Application Area
    Laboratory / production
  • Optional Interfaces
    RS-232 25-pin` Bluetooth®` RS-232 9-pin, including PS/2 port
  • Operation
    Touch screen, keys for main basic functions
  • Regulations
    ISO, FDA/USP, GxP, verified
  • Regulatory requirements
    ISO` FDA/USP` GxP` Verified