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KIT : ZIP Adapter for Powder transfer to a standard mix bag, Slider, Vent filter, stopper

The Sartoclear Dynamics® Kit enables a safe and clean transfer of diatomaceous earth from the Sartoclear Dynamics® DE-Bag to the Magmix bag. The validated dust-free technology can be used by operators without wearing a mask or other protective clothing.

Item no.:  29Z-K00001

Availability:  On Request

Content of the Kit

  • Powder Transfer Adapter for installation on the 8” tri-clamp port of the Magmix bag
  • Vent filter for the release of air (diatomaceous earth upon suspension)
  • Zipper for an easy connection of the DE bag to the adapter
  • 4 external clamps for Powder Transfer

Learn on www.sartorius.com/sartoclear-dynamics how to quickly add the optimal dose of diatomaceous earth to your cell culture with a new validated dust free technology for powder transfer.

Sartoclear Dynamics® is a new single-use technology for harvesting animal cell cultures with high cell densities. Consistent results, ease of use, enormous speed and flexible scalability are the key characteristics of this technology.

Inspired by the plasma industry, Sartoclear Dynamics® is based on the principles of body feed filtration. The ready-to-use clarification system enables single-use processing up to 2,000 liters. As a result, it replaces centrifuges and the subsequent depth filters in a single step.


Sartoclear Dynamics® — Single-use Clarification Technology
en 2.1 MB

User Manual

Sartoclear Dynamics® Kit and DE Bag
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Product properties

  • Primary Product Type

Technical attributes

  • Bacterial Endotoxins
    < 0.25 EU/mL
  • Application
    Cell Harvest