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PPA HyperCel - Mixed-mode Chromatography Resin

PPA HyperCel is a mixed-mode resin with an aromatic ligand exhibiting stronger hydrophobicity and providing a different selectivity in protein purification.

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PPA HyperCel resin is an industry-scalable chromatography resin designed for protein capture and impurity removal in a biopharmaceutical environment. Operating on a “mixed-mode” mechanism, with a phenlypropylamine ligand, its behavior is based on a combination of electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions of the proteins with the ligands. PPA HyperCel resin provides unique selectivities, different from those given by ion exchange or conventional HIC (hydrophobic interaction chromatography).


Features and Benefits

- High mechanical and chemical stability
- Suitable for large-scale chromatography in a biopharmaceutical environment
- Cross-linked cellulose base matrix


- Protein purification at low ionic strength by direct hydrophobic capture
- Separation of challenging mixtures, e.g. protein isoforms or proteins with very close pIs
- Orthogonal separation mechanism to ion exchange or HIC


Available Formats for PPA HyperCel

Pack SizeOrder Code
25 mL20260-025
100 mL20260-030
1 L20260-040
5 L20260-045
10 L20260-052


As pre-packed columns:

Pack SizeOrder Code
1 mL PRC Prepacked Column, 5 mm ID x 50 mmPRC05X050PPAHCEL
5 mL PRC Prepacked Column, 8 mm ID x 100 mmPRC08X100PPAHCEL
ScreenExpert RoboColumn PPA HyperCel 200 μL, row of 8SR2PPA
ScreenExpert RoboColumn PPA HyperCel 600 μL, row of 8SR6PPA



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