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CM Ceramic HyperD™ Ion Exchange Chromatography Resin

CM Ceramic HyperD™ is a weak cation exchanger for biomolecule purification. Changes in conductivity and pH can optimize purification steps by utilizing the charge change on protein and ligand.

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CM Ceramic HyperD™ F ion exchange chromatography resin is designed using proprietary 'gel-in-a-shell' design that provides rapid mass transfer and effective binding. It relies on a high capacity hydrogel, polymerized within the gigapores of a rigid ceramic bead.


Features and Benefits

- High dynamic binding capacity at high flow rates
- Truly rigid, non-compressible resin
- Salt tolerant CM Ceramic HyperD™ F resin reduces Ultrafiltration/Diafiltration (UF/DF) requirements



- Recombinant proteins
- Plasmid purification
- Purification of enzymes, plasma proteins
- Vaccines
- Direct capture of monoclonal antibodies
- IgM


Available formats for CM resin 

Pack SizeOrder Code
25 mL20050-035
100 mL20050-027
1 L20050-019
5 L20050-050
10 L20050-043

As pre-packed columns:

Pack SizeOrder Code
PRC Column 5x50 CM Ceramic HyperD FPRC05X050CMCHDF
RoboColumn CM Ceramic HyperD F 200µlSR2CMCHDF
RoboColumn CM Ceramic HyperD F 600µlSR6CMCHDF



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