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Heparin HyperD™ M Affinity Chromatography Resin

Heparin HyperD™ M resin is suited for the preparative-scale purification of heparin binding proteins like coagulation factors, growth hormones, lipoproteins, and DNA/RNA processing enzymes.

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Heparin HyperD™ M “gel-in-a-shell” resin is comprised of a porous rigid mineral bead containing hydrogel filled pores. The heparin ligand is bound to the hydrogel.


Features and Benefits

- High dynamic binding capacity at high linear flow rate
- Rigid, non-compressible resin
- Purification of various proteins from laboratory to production scale
- Minimal ligand leakage



- Reference method for large-scale purification of antithrombin III (ATIII)
- Purification of coagulation factors such as Factor IX, Factor VII, Factor XI, Factor XII and XIIa
- Lipoprotein(LDL, VLDL, VLDL apoprotein, HDL) and lipoprotein lipase purification
- Growth hormone and growth factor (FGF, ECGF) purification
- DNA- and RNA-related enzymes
- Purification of various other enzymes (collagenase, α-L-iduronidase, hyaluronidase and lysozyme), fibronectin, fibronectin fragments and hormones receptors


Available formats for Heparin HyperD M

Pack SizeOrder Code
25 mL20029-039
100 mL20029-021
1 L20029-013
10 L20029-054