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SARTOFLOW® Beta is a movable crossflow filtration system for pilot and small production facilities with batch sizes up to 1000 L.

Item no.:  M_SARTOFLOW_Beta

Availability:  On Request

The SARTOFLOW® Beta is a compact and movable Crossflow filtration system optimized for ultrafiltration, microfiltration and diafiltration applications used in many downstream processes. It is mainly used in cGMP facilities to run development, clinical trials and production lots. The system is designed to accomodate up to 10 Sartorius Sartocon® Cassettes, each with 0.7 m² filter area.


SARTOFLOW® Beta Crossflow System — Crossflow system for Sartocon® cassettes
en 685.5 kB

Product properties

Technical attributes

  • Surface Roughness of Wetted Parts
    Ra <= 0.6 µm
  • Pump Output
    7,000 L/h @ 4 bar (60 psi)
  • Power Source, Power Requirements
    400 VAC | 50 Hz 208 VAC | 60 Hz
  • Recirculation Vessel
    Stainless steel 316 L
  • Dimensions (WxDxH)
    1,500 × 800 × 1,500 mm (depending on the accessories)
  • Weight (approx.)
    300 kg
  • Maximum Pressure
    4 bar
  • Minimum operating volume
    ~3.5 L (depending on the accessories)