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ambr® CF filter Hydrosart®

The ambr® CF filter is a ready to use, fully disposable 10 cm² crossflow ultrafilter that is designed for high throughput membrane screening and formulation development. The ambr® CF filter is available with two membrane materials and in a wide variety of MWCO’s. The ambr® CF filter is designed to be used with the ambr® crossflow system.

Item no.:  3MA1443910

The Hydrosart® Membrane

Hydrosart® is a cross linked regenerated cellulose based membrane that has been optimized for the Biopharmaceutical industry. The Hydrosart® membrane is a robust polymer that can operate over a broad pH range. Hydrosart® is also extremely hydrophilic, making it non-protein binding and non-fouling. Membrane depyrogenation can be accomplished by using NaOH even at elevated temperatures and concentrations. These features make Hydrosart® an ideal membrane for Biopharmaceutical applications.

Hydrosart® 10 kD main applications are:

  • Removal of contaminants
  • Proteins
    • Albumin
    • Hemoglobin
  • ADC
  • Recombinant proteins
  • Antibody fragment bio-conjugates
  • Special mAb’s e.g. one heavy chain and 2 light chain mAb


Datasheet ambr CF filter
en 417.8 kB

User Manual

Manual ambr CF filter
en 142.5 kB


  • Industry

Compliance Information

  • Biosafety
    All materials are BSE and TSE free.


  • Filtration Area
    10 cm²

Materials of Construction

  • Membrane Material
  • Sealing Compound
    Not Applicable

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Inlet Pressure
    3 bar

Physicochemical Information

  • Flow Channel Geometry
    Screening Device
  • MWCO
    10 kD

Product Information

  • Filter Type
    Crossflow Screening Filters
  • Primary Product Type


  • Cassette Format
    ambr® CF filter
  • Filter Format
  • Ultrafilter
    10 kD Hydrosart® Ultrafilter
  • pH Stability
    pH 2 – 14