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OEM Liquid Filtration Membranes

Hydrophilic PES membranes for liquid filtration are available in a wide variety of pore sizes from 0.1 µm to 5µm with different throughput and flow rate characteristics. Their excellent gamma compatibility and high mechanical and thermal resistance make them easy to integrate in a wide variety of devices.


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Hydrophilic PES membranes are designed to perform well at high flux with an excellent throughput of aqueous solutions over the entire pH range of 1-14. They are ideal for clarification and sterile filtration applications by reliably removing particles and microorganisms from aqueous liquids.

Removal of Particles and Microorganisms from Liquids:

  • wide choice of pore sizes from 0.1 µm up to 5 µm
  • different structures from symmetric to highly asymmetric available
  • excellent liquid flow rates and high total throughput
  • low non-specific protein binding
  • compatible with gamma irradiation, EtO and autoclaving
  • high thermal and mechanical resistance
  • easy sealable