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Flexsafe® 2D Bags in Shell 5L (Shell, MPC, LT/MPC)

Flexsafe® 2D bags in Shell offer a safe and reliable end-to-end logistic solution for handling and shipping high critical fluids like bulk drug substances extensively qualified for a range of volumes from 10 % to 120 % of their nominal volume.

Item no.:  FLS303107

Availability:  On Request


The solution is composed of Flexsafe® 2D bags ready-to-use in a transparent protective shell for supporting all handling steps.

After filling, the bag in shell is packaged into polyethylene overpouches and plastic box providing the appropriate shipping solutions with optimized palletization.

This logistic solution has been extensively qualified according to the most severe international norms in the industry for both manual handling and transportation cycle covering the entire life cycle.

Technical Note

Technical Report of Flexsafe® 2D Bags in Shell Qualification for Liquid Handling & Shipping
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  • Connector Inlet
    ⅜" MPC Female + sealing cap
  • Connector Outlet
    ⅜" MPC Male + sealing cap
  • Volume
    5 L


  • Pack Size
Standard Shell 5 L 2D bag handling

Standard Shell for Flexsafe® 2D Bags in Shell

Standard Shipper for 5 L shell

Standard Shipper for Flexsafe® 2D Bags in Shell