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Sartoclear 16 Module, DL20, FA-Adapt, 1pc

Sartoclear® filters are cellulose-based depth filters developed for demanding clarification applications in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.

Various device formats are available to serve you from first the steps, throughout clinical phases and up to large scale manufacturing while always keeping the same filter material.

Item no.:  29LDL20-16-FA

Availability:  On Request


Sartoclear® Depth Filter Lenticular Modules are stackable depth filters for use in stainless steel housings, which are often used in large scale manufacturing facilities for biologicals.


  • Mammalian cell culture harvests
  • Microbial lysates
  • Removal of precipitates from sera and plasma
  • Particle and colloid removal from process intermediates
  • Media Filtration
GradeDescriptionApplication examples1
DL90Very coarse primary grade on top of a coarse secondary filter for filtrations with high solid concentrationsPrimary clarification of mammalian cell cultures, insect cell cultures, microbial fermentations, vaccines
DL75Pure cellulose pre-filter combined with a coarse secondary filterPrimary clarification of mammalian cell cultures, insect cell cultures, microbial fermentations, vaccines
DL60Coarse primary grade with a secondary fine filtration grade for lower to moderate solid concentrationsPost-perfusion bioreactors, vaccines
DL20Fine filtration grade combined with a standard bioburden reduction grade for the removal of particlesPost centrifuge mammalian cell cultures, post primary depth filtration, process precipitates
DL10Fine filtration grade followed by an very tight secondary filter for the removal of high concentrations of small particlesPost centrifuge microbial (e.g. E. coli) lysates, post primary depth filtration step, process precipitates
1 The listed examples are indicative and need to be confirmed by small scale tests



Sartoclear® Depth Filter Solutions
en 6.5 MB


Sartoclear® Depth Filter - Cell Clarification and Contaminant Removal Technologies
en 1.1 MB


  • Capsule/Cartridge Format
    Lenticular Modules
  • Connector Inlet
    Flat Adapter
  • Filtration Area
    1.9 m²
  • Filtration Layer
    Double layer
  • Sterilization Procedures
    Wet autoclaving @121 °C for 30 min


  • Filter Diameter
    ⌀ 16 inch
  • Grade
  • Retention Rate
    10 µm | 2.0 µm


  • Bacterial Endotoxins
    < 0.25 EU/mL
  • Pack Size
    1 piece