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Maxicaps® Filter Holders

The Sartorius Stedim Biotech Maxicaps® holder has been specially designed to integrate Maxicaps® into biopharmaceutical processes.


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MaxiCaps® T-Style Holder
Item no.
Filter Holder Type
T-Style Capsules Holder
MaxiCaps® Holder 3-round
Item no.
Filter Holder Type
3-Round Capsules Holder
MaxiCaps® Holder single round
Item no.
Filter Holder Type
Single Round Capsules Holder

The holder is designed to accommodate all different Maxicaps® heights. A few easy steps are all it takes to exchange the filter elements. Maxicaps® is attached to the holder using two knurled thumbscrews that can be tightened without the use of any tools. When Maxicaps® is mounted on the holder, all connections are readily accessible. The Maxicaps® holder is available as single holder or three-round holder.

The T-style Maxicaps® holder is designed to accommodate all 3 T-style Maxicaps® sizes.


MaxiCaps® Holder — For “New in-line MaxiCaps® Design”
en 346.5 kB
Maxicaps® T-Style Holder
en 337.5 kB

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