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Flexsafe® Drum 100 L (MPX,TPE/AC,TPE/Sampling)

Flexsafe® 3D Pre-Designed Solutions (PDS) for drum have been designed for storage and shipping of media, buffer, cell harvest & downstream intermediates. Flexsafe (PDS) are available from 50L to 200L.

Item no.:  FIS127882

Availability (ex works):  On Request


With this Flexsafe® Pre-Designed Solutions (PDS), you benefit of the best assurance of supply, robustness, ease of use and biocompatibility. Flexsafe® Pre-Designed Solutions (PDS) help speed up process design, reduce the numbers of stock keeping units (SKU’s) and hence reduce inventory management complexity and costs.

  • Enhanced assurance of supply with the complete control of our manufacturing process from the resins, the film, the bags, the filters and the assembly. Other fluid-contact components are secured by strategic partnerships, long term contracts and quality agreements and are available off-the-shelf to provide best delivery reliability.
  • A Proven robustness: the strength and flexibility of Flexafe® bags make them robust and suitable for fluid handling.
  • An excellent and reproducible cell growth: the resins and additives used for the film of Flexsafe® bags are optimized to ensure excellent and reproducible growth. The control of our entire process guarantees consistent lot-to-lot cell growth after short and long term media storage.


  • Bag Volume
    100 L
  • Cooling
  • Filter
  • Gas Barrier Layer Material
    Ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH)
  • Number of Lines
    2 lines + 1 Sampling at the top
  • Product Contact Layer Material
    Polyethylene (PE)
  • Sterilization Method
    • Sterile via gamma irradiation 25-45kGy
    • Gamma Irradiatable
  • Sterilization Procedures
    Gamma Irradiation: with 25-45 kGy, 1 Cycle
  • Sterilizing Grade


  • Connector Inlet
    Sterile weld or sanitary connection
  • Connector Outlet
    Steaming connection to stainless steel bioreactor via STCII
  • Materials of Construction
    Flexsafe® S80 film
  • Process Step
  • Tubing
    • Top lines with 1/2" ID Silicone TuFlux® 1m (40") + 1/2" Clear C-Flex® 0,5m (20")
    • 5m (20")


  • Animal Components
  • CSA Compliant
  • Electrical / Battery item