CM Ceramic HyperD® F - 1 L Ion Exchange Chromatography Resin

CM Ceramic HyperD® is a weak cation exchanger for biomolecule purification. Changes in conductivity and pH can optimize purification steps by utilizing the charge change on protein and ligand.

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CM Ceramic HyperD® F ion exchange chromatography resin is designed using proprietary 'gel-in-a-shell' design that provides rapid mass transfer and effective binding. It relies on a high capacity hydrogel, polymerized within the gigapores of a rigid ceramic bead.

Features and Benefits

- High dynamic binding capacity at high flow rates
- Truly rigid, non-compressible resin
- Salt tolerant CM Ceramic HyperD™ F resin reduces Ultrafiltration/Diafiltration (UF/DF) requirements


- Recombinant proteins
- Purification of enzymes, plasma proteins
- Vaccines
- Direct capture of monoclonal antibodies
- IgM


  • Application
    Preparative protein purification

Compliance Information

  • Quality Standards
    • CoA
    • RSF


  • Bead Size
    50 µm

General Specifications

  • Flow Rate
    typically ≥ 300 cm/h with ≤ 3 barg
  • Resin Format
    Bulk resin

Materials of Construction

  • Base Matrix
    Ceramic Beads

Operating Conditions

  • Operating Pressure
    < 3 barg (44psi)
  • pH Stability
    1 to 14 (short term), 2 to 12 (long term)

Physicochemical Information

  • Ligand
  • Ligand Density
    250-400 µeq/mL
  • Reference Protein
    Human polyclonal IgG
  • Typical Dynamic Binding Capacity 10% per mL
    > 60 mg/mL hIgG

Product Information

  • Brand
    CM Ceramic HyperD®
  • Pack Size
  • Pack Volume
    1 L
  • Resin Delivery Condition
    1M NaCl with 20% EtOH, 1.2 mM EDTA
  • Resin Type
    Weak cation exchanger
  • What you receive
    1 bottle resin, instructions

Storage Conditions

  • Storage Conditions
    20% EtOH/1 M NaCl
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