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Sartocon® Single-Use Cassettes

Polyethersulfone membranes are designed for single-use applications applied in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.


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Sartocon® Single Use Cassette
Sartocon® Single Use Cassette
Item no.: 3021465907E--SUD
30 kD
Sartocon® SU
Filtration Area
0.7 m²
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PESU polyethersulfone membranes are membrane polymers that are well established in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries. The PESU membrane is a stable polymer that features a broad pH and temperature range. Its wide temperature range makes it possible to sterilize some of the membrane by either steam or autoclaving. Because of these features, the PESU membrane is ideally suited for biotechnological applications.


Sartocon® Single-Use Cassettes Protein Purification, Concentration and Diafiltration Cell Removal
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