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Resolute® Manual Chromatography Columns

Process columns for optimized, contained, and scalable operation

Resolute Manual Columns are designed for optimized, contained and scalable operation in pilot, clinical and commercial scale biopharmaceutical processing. They have proven performance with a wide range of chromatography resins and techniques. The central nozzle valves and high resolution flow path secure reproducibility, ease-of-use and optimal performance. Standard versions of Resolute Manual Columns – with shorter deliver times – are available in 300 to 1000 mm i.d., with stainless steel or polyethylene bed supports in 10 or 20 micron.


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Resolute® Manual Column 630 mm id, PE, 10
Column Diameter
630 mm
Resolute® Manual Chromatography Columns
max. frame width 1170 mm; height 1853 mm
Bed Support Type
Polyethylene (PE)
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Process development and manufacturing may have to deal with a variety of resins ranging from small to large particles, from narrow to wide distribution of particle size and from soft to rigid, perhaps even brittle particles. ​Manual Columns can provide a flexible and economic toolbox for column packing and the capacity to develop and optimize column packing as required for individual processes and flexibility. ​

Resolute columns are ideally suited for process purification in the biopharmaceutical industry. The nozzle valve provides all column functions required for packing, unpacking and running of the column in a closed system. The packing process is controlled by a slurry packing system which, combined with a Resolute column, offers a complete solution for process chromatography from development to manufacturing scale.​

Resolute columns enable monitoring of actual column pressure resulting from media bed properties by eliminating non-linear interference from column design. Pressure versus bed height relationship for a specific media, packed at the same compression, remains constant up to at least 1000 cm/h linear flow in any diameter of Resolute column.


Features and Benefits

- High resolution flow path provides optimum efficiency, capacity, and peak symmetry.
- Central nozzle valve provides all column functions required for packing, unpacking, and running the column within a closed system.
- Scalable, reproducible packing methods reduce validation efforts as processes scale up.
- Designed to minimize packing events and buffer usage to optimize process economics.
- Sanitary design for longevity, consistency and reliability of your process
- Standard Resolute Manual Columns available in 300 to 1000 mm diameter, stroke length 100-400 mm, with choice of bed support material (stainless steel or polypropylene) and mesh size (10 or 20 µm). For a list of order codes for all standard Resolute Manual Columns, please see the Datasheet (Resolute-Manual-Datasheet-en-B-2579912-Sartorius), page 9.


Resolute Manual Columns can be customized to meet your specific needs: diameters from 280 to 2000 mm, choice of tube material, option for remote control nozzle valves, additional bed support choices, fixed bed design or extended adjustor range


Recommended Accessories for Resolute Manual Columns

Pressure Flow Kit (PFK)

Part NumberApplicable Column Diameter (mm)


Resolute Slurry Packing Stations (SPS) - for Manual Columns

Two-pump slurry packing stations (SPS) are available in 2 sizes, selected based on column diameter, sorbent and packing flow rate requirements. They are available with butterfly or diaphragm valves, and with or without tank valve control.

Please contact Sartorius for assistance in selecting the correct SPS model for your needs.


Further Column Accessories

- Endcell rotation frame for safe maintenance procedures (suitable for Resolute 400 to 1200 mm Ø columns)
- Column transportation system
- Bed support transportation device for safe and secure handling
- Column spanner set (metric)
- Packing flow kit

Please contact Sartorius for further details.


Resolute® Manual Chromatography Columns - Process columns for optimized, contained, and scalable operation
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