Sartopure®GA is your high performance air filter. It is also used to expand the service life time of sterilizing grade air filters. Therefore it is a perfect complement for the Sartofluor®GA.

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Sartopure® GA Cartridge
Item no.
Filter Size
30"(2.1 m² / 22.6 ft²)
Sartopure® GA Cartridge
Item no.
Filter Size
10"(0.7 m² / 7.5 ft²)
Sartopure® GA Cartridge
Item no.
Filter Size
20"(1.4 m² / 15.1 ft²)

Sartopure® GA offers an outstanding flow rate at low differential pressure. Sartopure® GA and Sartofluor® GA are the ideal choice for air filtration in the biopharmaceutical industry. Sartopure® GA filters expand the service life time of sterilizing grade air filter systems by removal of particles from the air stream. In addition they can be used for all venting purposes that do not necessarily require an integrity testable membrane filter.


  • Particle removal from air streams, e.g. pressure supplies
  • Prefiltration in front of Sartofluor® GA membrane filters or any other membrane air filter
  • Venting of non-pressure resistant vessels

Retention Efficiency

The excellent retention and therefore superior protection has been proven by particle retention filtration and bacteria challenge tests (aerosol tests) performed under worst case conditions. Sartopure® GA has got a LRV of 7/cm² with Bacillus subtilis var niger spores and a LRV of 6,8/cm² with Brevundimonas diminuta. Featuring a retention of 0.2 µm for gas, Sartopure® GA efficiently protects stored products, e.g. water, liquid sugar, oral solutions etc., in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the food and beverage industry.

Flow Rate

Due to the large filter area of 0.7 m²|10”, Sartopure® GA delivers a flow rate of nearly 40 m³/h at a differential pressure of 10 mbar. This means Sartopure® GA is the perfect product for high performance filling or draining of tanks and vessels.

Optimized Filter Material

Sartopure® GA’s hydrophobic material guarantees an air flow recovery of 60-80% within 30 seconds after the filter has been wetted with water. The water prevents high differential pressures, ensuring fast recovery of air flow rate e. g. after cleaning the tank with hot water|agents.

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    Sartopure® GA