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Virotag® Reagents

Virotag® AB and Virotag® DY reagents use a rapid, no wash labeling procedure for quantification of virus samples using the Virus Counter® platform.


* 72 Hours Turnaround Time

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Virotag® AB and Virotag® DY reagents are labeling reagents for specific and precise quantification of viruses. The Virotag® AB reagent family utilizes a fluorescently labeled, high-affinity antibody which binds to a unique viral epitope. Quantification of viruses using Virotag® is independent of the presence of nucleic acid. The Virotag® DY reagents stains viral genomes and viral envelope proteins with a combination of two fluorogenic dyes. When fluorescent emission is simultaneously observed in both channels, this ‘simultaneous event’ is counted as one intact particle.


Virotag® DY ENV Reagent Kit
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    Virus Quantification

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