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VC 3100 ViroTag® DY ENV Kit, 200 Assays

The Virotag® DY ENV dye can be used to stain all enveloped viruses for quantification with the Virus Counter® Platform. This reagent kit allows for staining and measurement of 200 samples.

Item no.:  VIR-92416


* 72 Hours Turnaround Time

The Virotag® DY reagents stain viral genomes and viral envelope proteins with a combination of two fluorogenic dyes. When fluorescent emission is simultaneously observed in both channels of the Virus Counter system, this ‘simultaneous event’ is counted as one intact particle. Due to its universal mechanism, the Virotag® DY ENV dye is compatible with all enveloped viruses. The reagent is ready-to-use in a simple, no-wash labeling protocol for virus samples. After 30 min incubation, the stained samples can be quantified on the Virus Counter® platformReagent kits contain all staining reagents and solutions needed to measure the indicated number of samples.


Virus Counter® 3100
Item no.

The Virus Counter® 3100 platform, uses a rapid, no wash labeling procedure and take virus quantification to new levels of precision, speed and simplicity.