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Sartorius is focused on innovative solutions for weighing applications and the production of laboratory water as well as liquid handling, filtration, cell cultivation and quality control. If desired, we can support you with customised services tailored to meet the requirements of your daily laboratory tasks.

Qualitative & Technical Papers, Creped/ Grade 5 H/N

This paper grade is generally used for analytical and technical purposes. It has a fast flow rate due to its structure.

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Diatomaceous Earth Filter Paper/ Grade 470

This filter grade is made of cellulose and diatomaceous earth and offer a much better separating capability than pure cellulose papers at the same rate of filtration. This grade quickly retains the finest particles at high flow rates.

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Flexel® 3D Drum 1000 L, 5 pieces
Flexel® 3D Drum 1000 L, 5 pieces
Order Number: FXB102508

Flexel® 3D Bags for Drum are designed for processing, storage and transport of large volume of biopharmaceutical solutions in drums. They are available in volumes from 50L to 1,000L.

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