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Profi Line OEM Weigh Cell, WZA1203-N

Capacity: 1200 g

Readability: 1 mg

The Profi Line series with a force compensation technology feature with a overload protection in a stainless steel housing.

Item no.:  WZA1203-N

Availability:  On Request


The weigh cell consists of two parts:

  • A monolithic weighing system in stainless steel IP44 housing

  • Aluminium electronic box, all connection via the front

  • Force compensation technology weighing system with a resolution of 1 mg

  • Excellent weighing technology bundled with easy adaptation

  • Adjustable load receptor with overload protection, optional lift-off protection

  • Possibility for under floor weighing - LED´s to control power and data transfer

  • Fast warm-up by separation of weighing system and electronics

  • RS232C interface for configuration and data transfer

  • Optional PC-software or display to handle weighing data and configuration

  • Display can be plugged in and out during operation


The WZA-N series — OEM weigh cells — WZA224-N WZA523-N WZA1203-N Model
en 680.8 kB
Die WZA-N Serie
de 764.5 kB


  • Readability
    1 mg
  • Repeatability
    ≤± 1 mg

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Weighing Capacity
    1,200 g
Liquid-crystal display
Liquid-crystal display
Item no.: YAC01ED


Liquid-crystal display

System-PCB (needs to be programmed)

Null indicator subassembly, compl.

pressure plate (level indicator)

Power initially plate
Power initially plate
Item no.: 69W00150

cable load cell
cable load cell
Item no.: 69W00159

collapsible box
collapsible box
Item no.: 69W00951

Data output PCB
Data output PCB
Item no.: 69W00148

Digital module pcb (needs to be prog.)

Line filter PCB
Line filter PCB
Item no.: 69W00149

level indicator
level indicator
Item no.: 69B12133