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Explosion Protected Weigh Cell, WZA623-NX

Capacity: 620 g

Readability: 1 mg

Preload: 600 ± 8 g

Explosion protected weigh cell for use in hazardous areas

  • Zone 1 and 2 with gasses of group IIC and temperature class T4

  • Zone 21 and 22 for dust atmospheres (Tmax = 80°C)

Item no.:  WZA623-NX

Availability:  On Request


The weigh cell consist of two parts:

  • Weigh cell mechanical system in stainless steel IP44 housing

  • Stainless steel electronic box

  • Monolithic weighing system with a resolution of 1 mg

  • Excellent weighing technology bundled with easy adaptation

  • Adjustable load receptor with overload protection, for WZA623-NX with optional lift off protection

  • Possibility for under floor weighing

Important accessories

  • The interface converter YDI05-Z installed in the non hazardous area

  • Power supply


The WZA-EX series
en 947.6 kB
Die WZA-EX Serie — OEM Wägezellen — Explosionsgeschützt — WZA6202-NX WZA623-NX
de 949.3 kB

User Manual

Sartorius Explosionsgeschützte Wägezellen — Modelle WZA...-NX
de 4.2 MB
Sartorius Explosion-protected Weigh Cells
en 4.8 MB

eShop Dynamic Attributes

  • Pack Size
level indicator
level indicator
Item no.: 69B12133

Data output PCB
Data output PCB
Item no.: 69CW0515

Data I/O cable for SIWXS COM1

pressure plate (level indicator)

collapsible box
collapsible box
Item no.: 69W00951

Null indicator subassembly, compl.

DC/DC board
DC/DC board
Item no.: 69CW0514

Temperature sensor PT1000
Temperature sensor PT1000
Item no.: 6971875

EMK Frontend Board
EMK Frontend Board
Item no.: 69CW0519

main board (to be programmed)