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Mass Comparators and Metrology

Manual and electronic mass comparators with automatic load alternator for determination of differences in mass and for calibration of mass standards and weights.

Hamilton tubing set
Hamilton tubing set
Item no.: YDU-3

Microlab GDS tubing set including:

  • Hamilton 12 Gauge Dispense Tubing 1372mm (1 pc.)
  • Hamilton Tub FEP 2.9x2x1219mm
  • Hamilton TUB FEP 2X1/4 2.9X2X300 (Pack of 2)
  • Hamilton Tub FEP 2.9x2x200 (Pack of 4)
  • Hamilton Yellow ferrule x 4

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Hamilton 50ml syringe
Hamilton 50ml syringe
Item no.: YDU-6

Hamilton 105025BFP 50ml Syringe

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DMA 35 Density Meter, 1 piece

The DMA™ 35 portable density meter measures the density and concentration of your sample and is characterized by the highest level of user-friendliness. It employs the oscillating U-tube principle from Anton Paar. This means: 50 years of density measurement experience in one small instrument. The robust and lightweight design of DMA™ 35 enables on-site operation in a wide range of work environments. Two milliliters of sample are taken directly from the storage container and measured within seconds.

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opus<sup>®</sup> titration 50 ml, 100-240V

opus® titration 50 ml

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Cubis® Manual Mass Comparator

Manual Cubis® MCM mass comparators combine metrological expertise and integrated OIML R 111-1 workflows. A choice of 14 models is available with maximum capacities of 6 g to 64 kg and readabilities of 0.1 μg to 10 mg. Models with a draft shield are supplied standard with a built-in climate module equipped with sensors for temperature, humidity and air pressure (external climate module for models without a draft shield). All results are displayed with their measurement uncertainties.

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