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Automatic Mass Comparator with Load Alternator

For automatic mass determination up to 1 kg

Item no.:  CCE1000S-L

Sartorius mass comparators with load alternator are suitable for use in precision classes E1 and E2 in national primary laboratories. The comparators perform fully automatic mass comparison of individual reference mass standards and groups of weights. Special cylindrical or stackable weights are not required. Various types of weights and weight groups can be handled universally.

  • Fully automatic mass comparator with control unit
  • Integrated printer
  • Touch screen display
  • Filters can be optimally adapted to the particular ambient conditions
  • separate electronic unit to reduce the effect of heat generated during operation
  • Backlit graphic display with plain- text displayed for operator guidance and input prompts in English or a choice of 4 other languages
  • Linear bar graph showing capacity usage of the electronic weighing range


zh 17.8 MB
Mass Metrology — Precision Is a Matter of Having the Right Equipment
en 7.0 MB
Massemetrologie — Präzision ist eine Frage des richtigen Equipments
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User Manual

Sartorius CCE-Serie — Elektronische Massekomparatoren
de 2.3 MB
Sartorius CCE Series — Electronic Mass Comparators
en 2.3 MB
Série Sartorius CCE — Comparateurs de masse électroniques
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  • Sample size (W × D)
    70 × 130 mm
  • Weighing Pan Diameter
    ⌀ 9 mm


  • Centermatic
  • Control unit
  • Load Alternator
  • Off-center Loading Error
    0 µg
  • Readability
    1 µg
  • Repeatability
    2 µg
  • Repeatability (typical), s
    1 µg
  • Substitution Weights
    100 | 100 | 300 | 400 g
  • Typical Stabilization Time
    25 s

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Weighing Capacity
    1,021 kg


  • Additional Product Specifications
    Range sensitivity: 1 µg / 10 mg
  • Electronic Weighing Range & Taring Range
    26 g
  • Linearity
    20 µg / 21 g
High precision climatestation for E1 Lab


The Sartorius climate station meets the highest accuracy standards and is used for continuous room monitoring and measurement recording in metrological mass standards laboratories. Climate measuring systems for continuous temperature and humidity monitoring, as well as measurement recording in metrological mass standards laboratories.

The Sartorius climate station meets the highest accuracy standards and features a wide range of connections for 16 analog and just about as many digital sensors. Thus the climate measuring system can easily be integrated in existing networks.

Individual weight
Individual weight
Item no.:   YCW422-02


InDIVidual E2 weights from 1g to 50 kg. Material: special steel, highly polished, non-magnetizable, density 8.0 g/cm3, highly corrosion-resistant, up to 20 g in plastic case, from 50 g in wooden case.

ScalesNet-M Basic Module
ScalesNet-M Basic Module
Item no.:   YSN03C