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Volume Comparator

Item no.:  VD1005


Our volume comparator features monolithic weighing technology and is used for calibration of the volulmes of objects with masses of 1 g to 1 kg according to the buoyancy method. The comparator has a closed weighing chamber in liquid; equipped with feedthroughs for the load alternator, sensors, weighing pan and loading device.

The VL1005 version has an automatic load alternator with 9positions in liquid (e.g., water), the VD1005 additionally has a second automatic load alternator.


Determining the volume of E1 weights — Automatic testing facility for determining the volume of solids
en 169.5 kB
Détermination du volume de poids E1 — Système de contrôle automatique destiné à déterminer le volume de solides
fr 170.1 kB
Volumenbestimmung von E1-Gewichtsstücken — Automatische Prüfanlage zur Bestimmung des Volumens von Festkörpern
de 167.6 kB

User Manual

Sartorius VL1005, VD1005 — Volume Comparators
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