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Hamilton ML630 complete package

The Hamilton Microlab® 600 series dispenser is a highly precise syringe pump designed to quickly and easily dilute and dispense fluids. This positive displacement system provides better than 99% accuracy, independent of a liquid’s viscosity, vapor pressure, and temperature. The inert fluid path minimizes sample carryover and is compatible with harsh chemicals.

Item no.:  YDU-10

Availability:  On Request


Automated liquid handling with highest accuracy (± 0.1%) and precision (± 0.2%)
High-performance 48.000 step per stroke syringe drive

  • high-accuracy aspiration and dispensing of fluids
  • high-precision in handling even very small volumes, as well as volatile, viscous, and dense liquids
  • solvent volume based on sample weight: assures accuracy and precision reducing expensive analytes use and solvent waste
  • Chemically inert: Fluid path made of borosilicate glass, PTFE and CTFE resistant to harsh solvents

Closed fluid path

  • no contamination risk
  • cost-effective: no expensive glassware, no costly cleaning and decontamination necessary

SCAT solvent safety kit ensures safe use of solvents without user exposure

Please select from the following accessories to complete the dispenser:

  • 69Y03295 Serial RS232 cable for connecting the dispenser to Cubis MSA balances
  • YDO01MS-R Additional serial interface for parallel operation of printer and dispensing unit on Cubis MSA balances
  • YAPP16 Dosing application for controlling the dispenser for the automatic production of standards
  • YDU-20 SD card for storing data when using software application YAPP16

Application Note

Cubis®Individual with Q-App for Standard Preparation
en 2.6 MB
SanDisk 8 GB SD-Card SDHC
SanDisk 8 GB SD-Card SDHC
Item no.: YDU-20

Cubis® MSA Q-App for Dosing


RS-232 cable
RS-232 cable
Item no.: 69Y03295

Hamilton ML600 series Hand Probe

Hamilton ML600 Concorde Conv. Tip Hand Probe

ML630 dispenser solvent reservoir set

GDS Solvent Safety Set Including:

  • Youtility Bottle with Cyan Screw-cap and Pouring Ring, Polypropylene, Graduated, GL 45, 1000 mL, Clear (Pack of 4)
  • SCAT Valve coupling unit, (f), PP, incl. 1x 1,5m capillary (3,2 mm OD) , Seal of EPDM, (Pack of 4)
  • SCAT Valve coupling unit,(m), PP for capillary, 3,2 mm OD with screw connection for a standard port (non-drip), Seal of EPDM, (Pack of 1)
  • SCAT Safety Cap I (GL45) (Pack of 4)

Hamilton 25ml syringe
Hamilton 25ml syringe
Item no.: YDU-2

Hamilton 1025BFP 25ml Syringe

Hamilton tubing set
Hamilton tubing set
Item no.: YDU-3

Microlab GDS tubing set including:

  • Hamilton 12 Gauge Dispense Tubing 1372mm (1 pc.)
  • Hamilton Tub FEP 2.9x2x1219mm
  • Hamilton TUB FEP 2X1/4 2.9X2X300 (Pack of 2)
  • Hamilton Tub FEP 2.9x2x200 (Pack of 4)
  • Hamilton Yellow ferrule x 4

Interface RS232 25pin
Interface RS232 25pin
Item no.: YDO01MS-R


Hamilton accessories holder

Hamilton Microlab Accessories Holder

Hamilton 50ml syringe
Hamilton 50ml syringe
Item no.: YDU-6

Hamilton 105025BFP 50ml Syringe

Hamilton 10ml syringe
Hamilton 10ml syringe
Item no.: YDU-5

Hamilton 1010BFP 10ml Syringe

Hamilton valve and plug for ML630

Hamilton Valve and plug for ML630