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ME Micro Balance, Factory verified

Specially designed for use in pharmaceutical laboratories and quality management systems.

Item no.:  ME36S-0CE

Availability:  Discontinued


This new ME36S microbalance features an exceptionally high weighing capacity of 31g and a readability of 1µg. The ME36S is designed for weighing the smallest sample quantities even in relatively heavy or bulky sample containers. The separate installation of weighing unit and display and/or electronic unit not only reduces thermal disturbances, but also delivers absolutely reliable weighing results. By virtue of its unique design, the ME36S display and weighing units are close enough for ideal operating convenience, with optimal spacing for ergonomic handling of microscopic sample quantities.

  • Flexible draft shield system with three independently motorized draft shield elements for fully automatic, intuitive operating at the press of a key.
  • Large, palm-activated keys with an intelligent learning function for user-friendly operation of the draft shield.
  • Removable key-board
  • Backlit, graphical display for consistently bright weight readouts.
  • Text prompts in plain English (and your choice of other languages) guide you quickly and confidently in configuring the balance.
  • The SQmin function displays the minimum allowable sample weight in accordance with the United States Pharmacopeia (can be activated by Sartorius Service).
  • S.U.R.E. function for dynamic display of the uncertainty of measurement and process accuracy in accordance with German Calibration Service (DAkkS) standards for continuous monitoring during all weighing routines (this function is activated by Sartorius Service).
  • isoCAL: fully automatic calibration/adjustment function with memory for calibration records.
  • 14 built-in application programs as standard features, such as differential weighing program for up to 999 samples, statistical evaluation, calculation of weights using a definable factor or equation, air density determination.


Correct Use and Handling of Analytical and Microbalances
en 1.1 MB
Correct Use and Handling of Analytical and Microbalances
en 2.3 MB


ME36S-0CE Microbalance
en 87.9 kB

User Manual

Sartorius ME and SE Series ME and SE Models — Electronic Analytical Balances and Semi-micro-, Micro- and Ultra-Microbalances
en 2.5 MB

Compliance Information

  • ISO/GLP Compliant Printout
    Yes, in conjunction with optional Sartorius printer or PC
  • Legal Verification
    Factory verification

Connections (Data)

  • Data Interface
    RS232C bidirectional plus printer


  • Weighing Pan Diameter
    ⌀ 30 mm


  • Adjustment
    Internal automatic (isoCAL)
  • Display
    White LED backlit graphic
  • Readability
    0.001 mg

General Specifications

  • Additional Product Specifications
    • Verification interval: 1 mg
    • Weighing range according to EO: 0.1 mg – 31 g
  • Draft Shield
  • Minimum Sample Weight according to USP (typical)
    5 mg

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Weighing Capacity
    31 g
Bar code scanner with DIN connector

Bar code scanner with DIN connector

Lab Balance Cable, RS-232/USB
Item no.


RS-232 to USB connection cable

LCD Remote Display
Item no.


Additional display for standard lab balances

Foot Switch with T-Connector


Foot switch with T-connector - lab balance accessory

Foot Switch with T-Connector


Foot switch with T-connector - lab balance accessory

Laboratory Printer for Balances with GLP, Statistics


Data printer, verified for use in legal metrology; with date, time, statistics and transaction counter functions

SartoConnect data bridge, scale#PC, 15 m

The data bridge between Sartorius scales and the PC.

Adapter f. connecting bar code/PC

Lab Balance Accessories

Printer ribbon cass. for Epson

Service doc. folder German

Adhesive label, continuous roll 20m/57mm

Service doc. folder English

Sartorius Service Logbook and SOP (German)

Printer paper, YDP02/03/04, 57mmX40m,5ea

Lab Balance T-Connector


T-connector, lab balance accessory

Sartorius Stat-Pen
Item no.


Sartorius Stat - Pen, unit to neutralize static electricity on samples or objects to be weighed down to a level of -30V,Pen with a micro switch to aktivate the function, main 100V to 230V -0.1W, 50/60Hz.

Hand switch with T-connector


Accessories for weights and weight sets

Balance Table
Item no.


Balance table made of wood with cast-stone inset for precise, reliable weight measurements

Balance table made from synthetic stone


Balance table made of natural stone, with vibration dampeners.

Weighing Scoop
Item no.


Weighing scoop for Sartorius lab balances

Ionizing Blower
Item no.


Ionizing blower for eliminating electrostatic charges on sample containers and samples

Ionizing Blower
Item no.


Ionizing blower for eliminating electrostatic charges on sample containers and samples

Guide for draft shield door, upper, left

Rear panel for display unit

Power socket with filter pcb

Set of guide blocks (motorized side door

Packaging, complete
Item no.

Hood for weighing cell
Item no.

Main PCB - programmed by in-house tech

Set of cogwheeled guides (side doors)

Guide (lower, right)
Item no.

Top slider glass
Item no.

Guide (lower, left)
Item no.

Item no.

Cover plate
Item no.

wiring pcb (electronic box)

Set of contact flexures
Item no.

Draft shield, inner
Item no.

Conductive foil strip (3pcs 15x50mm).

Display head
Item no.

Packaging for E-box
Item no.

Front panel with foil
Item no.

Null indicator subassembly

Guide for draft shield door, upper, righ

Sliding door,  left side
Item no.

Coupling band
Item no.

Display PCB
Item no.

Main pcb (needs to be programmed)

weighing chamber base plate

hood (electronic cell)
Item no.

Lever spring
Item no.

pressure plate (level indicator)

Sliding door, right side
Item no.

Item no.

Item no.

Motor with gear (draft shield, left side

Connecting cable
Item no.

Raer panel with glass plate (draft

Motor with gear (draft shield, top side)

Motor with gear (draft shield,right side

RS-232 data interface
Item no.

Bushing (2x), O-ring (4x)
Item no.

System pcb (needs to be programed)
Item no.
69ME0083 Discontinued

Collapsible box (small)
Item no.

Set of small parts (display head)

Gasket (AC/mains plug)
Item no.

Front glass plate
Item no.

Foot-Set (4 pcs.)
Item no.

Display module
Item no.

Lock clip  (for 14 pol.)
Item no.

Levelling screws-set (4 pieces)

Bench power supply SPS30W no pow. cable

Glass Disk Over Level Bubble

Rechargeable battery 3,0V  0,02Ah

TNG10, SMPS without 3-pin cordset

Cap for data output
Item no.

level indicator
Item no.