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Bluetooth-USB PC-Adapter

Connection of Sartorius Scales Combics to a PC (internal option)

Item no.:  YBT02


Wireless communication is the latest trend in technology and the market of the future. Bluetooth ® wireless technology for data transfer over short-range radio signals is standardized and has become an established data transfer technique. With Bluetooth® wireless technology, mobile and stationary equipment can be connected in a free-field range of up to 100 meters in Piconet networks (up to four balances or scales), making cable connections and line-of-sight infrared connections unnecessary. Bluetooth ® wireless technology offers a comprehensive solution for simple and fast communication between PCs and peripheral devices. The new Bluetooth ® interface modules YBT01 (connected to the RS-232C port on Sartorius equipment) and YBT02 (on the USB port of a desktop or laptop computer) can be used to transfer all data and commands that can be transmitted over normal cable connections on serial COM data interfaces. Furthermore, the stainless steel housing of the YBT01 communications module has IP65 protection and meets the highest standards for cleanability. The communications module can be installed anywhere, for optimum range.

  • YBT01: Bluetooth scale adapter with external antenna for connection to RS232 data interface
  • YBT02: Bluetooth USB-adapter for connection to USB-interface of a PC, Laptop or Notebook

Bluetooth data exchange module for connection to a USB interface port on a PC for wireless communication


Bluetooth® Wireless — Technology Zeigen Sie dem Kabelsalat die Zähne
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Bluetooth® Wireless Technology — Putting the Bite on "Cable Spaghetti"
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User Manual

Sartorius Funkschnittstellen für drahtlose Kommunikation
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Wireless Communication Interfaces
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