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Vivapure® LentiSELECT 40

Complete kit for fast purification of up to 8 x 108 lentivirus particles from 40 ml cell culture. Contains 4 LentiSELECT 40 syringe filter units with Sartobind® ion exchange membrane plus concentration units, syringe sets and all buffers.

Item no.:  VS-LVPQ040

Price:  $645.00

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Vivapure LentiSELECT 40 is optimally suited for lentivirus purification from up to 40 ml cell culture and contains all components necessary for four purifications. Up to 8 x 108 viral particles are recovered in less than one hour. In contrast to traditional ultracentrifugation methods, virus purification with Vivapure LentiSELECT is fast and simple, without the requirement of expensive equipment like an ultracentrifuge. Additionally, this chromatographic procedure leads to pure virus samples in contrast to the crude ultracentrifuge pellet, for achieving higher reproducibility and increased gene transfer efficiency.

  • Fast
  • Non-toxic
  • Better purity than pelleting by ultracentrifugation
  • Convienient
  • Cost effective

Application Note

Vivapure® — Removal of Endotoxin from Monoclonal Antibodies
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Vivapure® — Virus Purification and Concentration Kits
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User Manual

Vivapure LentiSELECT 40 — Lentivirus (VSV-G pseudotype) purification and concentration kit for preparations up to 40 ml cell culture volume each (E.g. 1–2 +15 cm plates)
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Biological Information

  • Enzyme

Compliance Information

  • Animal Components
  • Electrical / Battery item

Physicochemical Information

  • Ligand
    Quaternary ammonium

Product Information

  • Type
    Complete kit


  • Sample Volume
    4 × 40 mL
  • Volume
    < 40 mL