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Vivapure® AdenoPACK™ 100 RT

Complete kit for fast purification of up to 1 x 1013 adenovirus type 5 particles from 500 ml cell culture. Contains 2 AdenoPACK 100 syringe filter units with Sartobind® ion exchange membrane plus all buffers and further accessories.

Item no.:  VS-AVPQ102

Availability:  On Request


Fast purification of up to1x1013 viral particles Vivapure AdenoPACK 100 is optimally suited for adenovirus purification from up to 200 ml cell culture for in vitro transfection. This flexible kit contains two AdenoPACK 100 units, which can be either used in tandem for the purification of up to 200 ml cell culture supernatant or individually for purifying virus from up to 60 ml cell culture. The purification is pursued manually with a syringe optimally attached to a retort stand. However, for even more convenience, protocols are provided for optionally running the virus purification with a peristaltic pump or with an infusion pump, in additional to detailed instructions for a manual operation supplied with the Kit. The accessories needed for the operation with a pump are supplied as individual products.

  • High-speed process: completed in 2 hours
  • High virus recoveries
  • Convenient, easy to use
  • For processing 20-200 ml cell supernatants

Application Note

Vivapure® — Removal of Endotoxin from Monoclonal Antibodies
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Vivapure® — Virus Purification and Concentration Kits
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User Manual

Vivapure® Adenopack™ 100
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Pump Tubing Set, Vivapure AdenoPACK 100


Pump Tubing Set, Vivapure AdenoPACK 100