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Vivaspin® Turbo 15 PES Centrifugal Concentrator, 48 pc

Vivaspin® Turbo 15 PES centrifugal concentrators enable the fastest sample concentration and highest recoveries to optimize your laboratory ultrafiltration workflows.

Top Features of Vivaspin® Turbo

  • Fastest sample concentration with high target molecule recoveries
  • Convenient retentate retrieval with unique, pipette friendly angular dead-stop pocket
  • Low-foul, high flux PES membranes
  • High chemical compatibility and pH resistance

Popular Applications for Vivaspin® Turbo

  • Concentration | diafiltration of proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids, monoclonal antibodies, immunoglobulins, viruses, exosomes and nanoparticles from samples in the 4 – 15 mL range
  • Ultrafiltration of non-physiological samples
  • Concentration of chromatography eluates or environmental samples

Item no.:  VS15T02

Price (USD):  $706.00


* 24 Hours Turnaround Time

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Vivaspin® Turbo 15 PES is a 15 mL capacity ultrafiltration device and an exceptional choice for the fastest sample concentrations. Your sample is often the result of several months’ research and we know how valuable it is to you. That’s why we have designed Vivaspin® Turbo range to ensure the highest target molecule recoveries. Together with the complementary Vivaspin® Turbo 15 RC devices, you can benefit from the best solution for optimal retention and recovery. In addition, the large active membrane area ensures highest speed concentration or buffer exchange.

Options with RC Membranes

The same super-fast device is available with RC membranes, in Vivaspin® Turbo 15 RC. This enables convenient user optimization to achieve the highest recovery for any target molecule. The unique choice of PES or RC membranes ensures that Vivaspin® Turbo will provide the best performance for all sample types.

Principle of Operation

Centrifugation generates the transmembrane pressure required to clear solvent and microsolutes through the PES ultrafiltration membranes, enabling the separation of macromolecular species from solvent, primarily on the basis of size. Centrifugal ultrafiltration is particularly appropriate for the concentration of macromolecules from low volume samples, and can also be used to purify molecular species or for buffer exchange.

Polyethersulfone (PES) Characteristics

The polyethersulfone (PES) membranes in Vivaspin® Turbo are offered in a broad MWCO range to suit most target molecules. These membranes are preferred for their low fouling characteristics, exceptional flux, and broad chemical and pH range compatibility.

Sample Capacity

Vivaspin® Turbo 15 PES can handle up to 15 mL sample volumes in swing bucket rotors and 11 mL in fixed-angle rotors accepting 50 mL centrifuge tubes.

Optimal Design

The design of Vivaspin® Turbo 15 has been optimized with a sleek internal profile and large, twin vertical membranes to ensure maximum process speeds right down to the last few microliters.

Complete Sample Recovery

The UV joining technology ensures a smooth transition between membrane and plastic housing, so that the complete concentrated sample is collected in the unique pipette-friendly angular dead-stop pocket.

Application Note






User Manual


  • Application
    • Macromolecule Concentration
    • Desalting | buffer exchange
  • Application Area
  • Industry
    Pharma / Biotech
  • Market
    • Research
    • Environmental

Compliance Information

  • Animal Components
  • Certification


  • Membrane Area
    7.2 cm²
  • Overall Length
    118 mm

General Specifications

  • Maximum G-force Angle Rotor
    4,000 g
  • Maximum G-force Swing-out Rotor
    4,000 g

Materials of Construction

  • Concentrator Body/Sleeve
    Styrene Butadiene Copolymer (SBC)
  • Concentrator Cap
    Polypropylene (PP)
  • Filtrate Vessel
    Polypropylene (PP)
  • Membrane Material
    Polyethersulfone (PES)

Physicochemical Information

  • MWCO
    10 kDa

Product Information

  • Brand
    Vivaspin® Turbo
  • Device Type
  • Pack Size
  • Sample Type
    • Protein
    • Peptide
    • Nanoparticles
    • Virus
    • VLP
    • Exosome
    • Nucleic Acid


  • Dead Stop Volume
    60 - 100 µL
  • Hold-up Volume
    < 10 µL
  • Maximum Capacity, Fixed Angle Rotor
    9 mL
  • Maximum capacity, Swing bucket Rotor
    15 mL
  • Minimum Recirculation Volume
  • Volume Range
    4 – 15 mL
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