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Vivaspin® 100 PES Centrifugal Concentrator, 2 pc

Vivaspin® 100 PES centrifugal concentrators are versatile ultrafiltration units for centrifugation-based sample concentration as well as pressure filtration applications.

Top Features of Vivaspin® Centrifugal Concentrators

  • Easy to assemble and handle

  • High flux PES membranes

  • High target molecule recoveries

  • Largest capacity centrifugal device; for samples up to 90 mL

  • Total process flexibility

Popular Applications for Vivaspin® Centrifugal


  • Concentration | diafiltration of proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids, monoclonal antibodies, immunoglobulins, viruses and nanoparticles from samples up to 98 mL

  • Concentration of cell culture supernatants

  • Concentration of environmental samples

Item no.:  VC1001

Price:  $97.00


Vivaspin® 100 PES centrifugal concentrators are designed for the concentration or diafiltration of samples up to 98 mL. These devices combine the ease of use of centrifugal devices with further flexibility and control provided by pressurized operation.

Easy to Assemble

Vivaspin® 100 devices were specially designed with ease of handling and efficiency in mind. The devices are easy to assemble, require no tubing connections or stirring mechanisms and can be adapted to equipment availability or specific user preferences.

Flexibility in Process

Vivaspin® 100 PES centrifugal concentrators are unique in that they provide the experimenter with a choice between centrifugal, pressure or pressure-shake operating methods. For example, for increased process control, gas pressure can be combined with gentle orbital shaking.

Highest Sample Capacity

Fitting swing bucket rotors accepting 250 mL bottles, Vivaspin® 100 offers the highest sample capacity available in a centrifugal device: up to 90 mL.

Use for Single or Sensitive Samples

Vivaspin® 100 can also be used for single or extremely sensitive samples of up to 98 mL when pressurized. Moreover, temperature-sensitive samples can be placed into a refrigerator while the device is pressurized. The unique design ensures pressurization is easy, by using quick-release connectors. This method can be combined with orbital shaking for an even faster sample concentration.

Simplicity of Use

For your convenience, these devices are simply spun in a large capacity centrifuge (carriers accepting 250 mL bottles). For the highest simplicity of use with minimum equipment requirements, Vivaspin® 100 can be pressurized on a laboratory benchtop or in a refrigerator.

Vertical Membrane Design

Regardless of the model used, the vertical membranes in Vivaspin® 100 inhibit and minimize fouling. Further, the integral dead-stop of 350 µL ensures the highest concentration factors, while impeding concentration to dryness and loss of sample.

Application Note

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User Manual

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  • Membrane Area
    23.5 cm²
  • Overall Length
    123 mm
  • Total Length with Pressure-fuge Head
    197 mm

General Specifications

  • Maximum G-force Swing-out Rotor
    2,000 g
  • Rotor Cavity
    To fit 250 mL (62 mm) centrifuge bottles (maximum cavity depth 105 mm)

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Operating Pressure
    5 bar (75 psi)
  • Recommended Speed
    500 - 2,000 g

Physicochemical Information

  • MWCO
    10 kDa

Product Information

  • Pack Size


  • Hold-up Volume
    250 µL
  • Swing Bucket Rotor
    90 mL
  • Volume Range
    20 – 98 mL
Replacement 4 mm Pneumatic Tubing for VCA002


Use in combination with Air Pressure Controller (VCA002) for pressurized operation of Vivaspin® 20|100.

Male Coupling for 4 mm Pneumatic Tubing


Use in combination with the Air Pressure Controller (VCA002) and 4 mm pneumatic tubing.

Female Coupling for 4mm Pneumatic Tubing


Use in combination with Vivaspin® 100 Pressure Head (VCA800) and 4 mm pneumatic tubing.

Replacement Seals for Pressure Head VCA800


Use in combination with Vivaspin® 100 Pressure Head (VCA800).

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