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Pipetto Vers. 1.1 Std. + DAkkS-PComBox

The Standard Version is ideal for calibration laboratories with multiple workstations that comply with ISO 17025. It can also be used for small in-house calibration laboratories that comply with ISO 8655. With automated climate monitoring through PCom-Climabox (DAKKS Calibrated) .

Item no.:  PI20203-S

Price (USD):  $4,960.00

1 Piece

* 24 Hours Turnaround Time

Pipetto calibration software is the professional pipette management solution from Sartorius. The software has been designed for the calibration of single and multi-channel pipettes, dispensers, burettes as well as other commonly used liquid handling instruments.

The Standard version comes with network capability and user management features.

The software comes with the most up-to-date pipette database of all the most commonly used brands and models. Once you have set-up your individual pipettes, you can select, calibrate and maintain them quickly and easily using the intuitive menus.

Accessories Information

  • Accessories Included
    DAkkS PCOM box
  • Software
    Pipette Calibration Software

Product Information

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