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PMA.Evolution Paint Mixing Scales

PMA.Evolution paint-mixing scale with a 7,500 g weighing capacity and a 0.1 g resolution for use in non-hazardous (safe) areas.


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Increase your paint mixing efficiency while reducing your total cost of ownership: Benefit from the precise, reliable and fast results of the new PMA.Evolution. Its superior readability - both from an angle and from a distance - make it a practical and time-saving tool to work with. With a variety of accessories you can enhance the functionality and usability of this high-quality Made-in-Germany product.

  • Internal Mixing Module
  • Amazingly Fast Installation
  • New High-contrast Display
  • Clean Work Environment

Application Note

PMA.Evolution – Der neue PMA-Standard - Effizient. Effektiv. Einfach.
de 3.9 MB


PMA.Evolution - El nuevo estándar de PMA - Económica. Eficiente. Efectiva.
es 3.0 MB
PMA.Evolution – La nouvelle PMA standard - Économique, performante, efficace
fr 3.0 MB
PMA.Evolution – The New PMA Standard - Economic. Efficient. Effective.
en 3.0 MB
zh 9.9 MB


PMA.Evolution (model EVO1S1)
en 97.3 kB
PMA.Evolution (model EVO1X2)
en 117.8 kB
PMA.Evolution (model EVO1Y1)
en 99.2 kB
PMA.Evolution (Modell EVO1Y1)
de 123.1 kB

User Manual

PMA.Evolution | PMA.HD — EVO1Y | LAB1Y — 用于潜在爆炸区域 2 区的涂料混合天平
zh 6.1 MB
PMA.Evolution | PMA.HD — EVO1Y | LAB1Y — Paint-Mixing Scales for Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres of Zone 2.
en 5.7 MB
PMA.Evolution | PMA.HD — EVO1Y | LAB1Y — Balances pour peintures pour l'utilisation dans les atmosphères explosives de la zone 2
fr 5.6 MB
PMA.Evolution | PMA.HD — EVO1Y | LAB1Y — Váha na míchání barev pro použití v prostředí s nebezpečím výbuchu, zóna 2
cs 5.8 MB
PMA.Evolution | PMA.HD — EVO1Y | LAB1Y — Bilance per la miscelazione di vernici per l'utilizzo in aree a rischio di esplosione della zona 2
it 5.6 MB
PMA.Evolution | PMA.HD — EVO1Y | LAB1Y — Balanças de mistura de tinta para o uso em atmosfera potencialmente explosiva da zona 2
pt 6.0 MB
PMA.Evolution | PMA.HD — EVO1Y | LAB1Y - Installation Instructions — Paint-mixing Scales for Potentially Explosive Areas Zone 2
pl 6.0 MB
de 541.1 kB
en 319.4 kB
fr 1.1 MB
es 1.1 MB
PMA.Evolution | PMA.HD — EVO1Y | LAB1Y — Farbmischwaagen für den Einsatz in explosionsgefährdeten Bereichen der Zone 2
de 5.6 MB
PMA.Evolution | PMA.HD — EVO1Y | LAB1Y — Balanzas para la mezcla de pinturas, para uso en áreas potencialmente explosivas de la zona 2
es 5.6 MB

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