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Filtration Systems

Filtration systems for microbiological analysis, such as particle count in quality assurance, particle testing or clarification and sterile filtration. The Combisart® system enables you to select the optimal hardware and consumables for your needs by its modular design. The traditional filter holders and manifolds are made of stainless steel, glass and polycarbonate and differ in the funnel capacity. The reusable filter systems are available as glass and polycarbonate versions.

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Suction flask, 5 l, stopper and tube


Microsart mini.vac, 230 V | 50 Hz
Microsart mini.vac, 230 V | 50 Hz
Item no.:   16694-2-50-06


Primary Product Type
Type of Pump
Vacuum Pump
6-branch Manifold, 100 mL funnel capacity
Funnel Capacity
100 mL
Maximum Operating Pressure
2 bar (29 psi)