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Proline® mechanical pipette, 1-ch, 10-100 µl

The most affordable in the Sartorius line of mechanical pipettes, Proline® is ideal for universities and colleges or any laboratory seeking a cost-efficient, yet practical and reliable liquid-handling tool.

Item no.:  720050

Availability:  On Request

Our first mechanical pipette family, Proline®, is still in use in many laboratories around the globe, testifying to its timeless, practical design and reliability. Being the most affordable pipette in Sartorius' range of mechanical pipettes, it is ideal for universities and colleges, or any laboratory seeking a cost-efficient liquid handling tool. Due to its relatively light weight, high accuracy and precision, it is also used by many professionals.

  • Wide range of pipettes, both adjustable and fixed volume available
  • Relaxed grip with ergonomic finger support
  • Reduced risk of contamination with Safe-Cone Filters available for models > 10 µl


Prodotti Sartorius per la manipolazione dei liquidi
it 11.2 MB
Gamme Sartorius – Liquid Handling
fr 11.4 MB
Sartorius 液体处理产品
zh 11.6 MB
Продукция компании — Sartorius для дозирования жидкостей
ru 11.8 MB
Sartorius Liquid Handling Products
en 10.3 MB

User Manual

Proline® pipette
de 945.4 kB
Proline® pipette
es 975.2 kB
Proline® pipette
en 936.3 kB
Proline® pipette
fr 964.5 kB
Proline® pipette
ru 1.0 MB
Proline® pipette
it 995.8 kB

Product properties

  • Volume
    10 – 100 µL
  • Channels
  • Adjustable Volume
  • Primary Product Type
  • Product Family
  • Pipette Type
    Mechanical pipettes, adjustable volume

Technical attributes