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Optifit Tip, 50-1200 µl, Extended, Refill Pack

Optifit tips ensure perfect fitting and leak-tight sealing on Sartorius pipettes for maximum pipetting accuracy and reproducibility. The color coding of the tip trays enables you to easily find the matching color-coded Sartorius pipette. Moreover, Optifit tips are manufactured in an ISO 8 certified cleanroom environment.

Item no.:  791212

Price:  $130.00


The non-filtered Optifit Tips are designed for best possible fitting and sealing to secure the highest possible accuracy and precision. These pipette tips enable ergonomic and light tip attachment by being compatible with the Optiload feature in Sartorius Picus® Nxt, Picus®, Tacta®, Mline® and Proline® Plus pipettes.

Optifit Tips are available in various packaging types for all your needs:

  • Single Tray racks – purity certified tip racks
  • Refill Packs - purity certified and ecological refill packages
  • Refill Towers - space-saving and ecological refill packages
  • Flexibulk boxes - space-saving, ecological and economical bulk boxes
  • Standard bulk – economical bulk boxes

While Optifit Tip trays are colour coded for easy matching with a corresponding, colour coded Sartorius pipette, they do also match with most other pipette due to their universal design.

Strict quality standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, are followed from tip R&D to production and delivery. The purity certified tips are manufactured in ISO 8 classified clean room conditions to avoid any contaminations and are tested for DNase, RNase and endotoxins per each tip lot. Pre-sterilised tips are also available for the purest laboratory work.

  • Ergonomic and light tip attachment and ejection secured by tip compatibility with the Optiload feature of Sartorius pipettes
  • Easy matching with a suitable Sartorius pipette with colour coded tip trays
  • Single tray and refill pack tips are RNase, DNase and endotoxin free certified by lot number
  • Environment friendly materials used in tips, trays and racks are 100% recyclable or can be incinerated as energy waste
  • Less waste by reusing the fully autoclavable (121 ºC, 20 min) tip racks with refill or bulk tips


High Quality Pipette Tips for Consistent and Reliable Results
en 3.4 MB
zh 1.7 MB


Sartorius Pipetting and Dispensing Products
en 6.2 MB


  • Dimensions WxDxH
    500 × 167 × 167 mm
  • Length
    90 mm
  • Length Range
    90 mm


  • Extended Length
  • Wide Bore

Product Information

  • Brand
  • Pack Size
  • Packaging
    Refill Pack
  • Tip Type
    Non-filtered tips


  • Delivery Condition


  • Volume
    50 – 1,200 µL

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