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Arium® SterilePlus

Sterile final filter consisting of a combined 0,45 µm and 0,2 µm polyethersulfon membrane for sterile and particle free water dispense.

For intended use with:

  • Arium® Mini, Mini Essential, Mini plus
  • Arium® Pro, Pro DI, Pro UV, Pro UF, Pro VF
  • Arium® Comfort I, Comfort II
  • Arium® Remote Dispenser, Smart Station

Qty. 1 unit/pack

Item no.:  5441307H4--CE


Arium® SterilePlus


Arium® Comfort I — Space-saving Twin Technology
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Arium® Comfort II — Space-Saving Twin Technology
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Arium® Smart Station Flexible Remote Dispenser
en 888.6 kB
Arium® Mini Ultrapure Water Systems - Compact Laboratory Water Systems for 10 Liters per Day
en 472.8 kB

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