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arium® comfort II EDI with 2 RO Modules

The arium® comfort II delivers ASTM Type 1 ultrapure and Type 2 pure water, all in one system. Directly connected to your potable feed water source, this system uses proven reserve osmosis technology, combined with the latest proprietary EDI technology and a unique ion exchange cartridge to consistently deliver water of the highest quality. In addition, the innovative iJust function optimizes your water usage and ensures time- and labor-saving operation.

Item no.:  H2O-II-2-TOC-B

Availability:  On Request

Sartorius presents the compact, environmentally friendly, reliable and easy-to-use arium® comfort II for producing both ASTM Type 1 ultrapure water and Type 2 pure water. This system features advanced reverse osmosis membranes, our patented electrodeionization (EDI) technology and a unique cartridge with highly efficient ion-exchange resin. The powerful combination of these technologies ensures the highest water quality. Moreover, the user-friendly, touch-active display and intuitive menu navigation provide total convenience, making the arium® comfort II the best choice for your mission-critical laboratory applications.

Pure water produced by arium® comfort II is stored in the unique, closed arium® bagtank system, which reliably protects your purified water from secondary contamination. This ensures that you consistently obtain the best water quality and, therefore, reproducible results.


  • HPLC
  • AAS
  • Ion chromatography
  • Photometry
  • Pure water for preparation of microbiological media and reagents
  • Histology
  • Pure water for preparation of buffers and pH solutions
  • Purification of feed water for laboratory instruments, such as autoclaves, glassware dishwashers, humidifiers, water baths, etc.


Compared with conventional water systems, the arium® comfort II with its iJust software makes the best use of your water resources. Intelligent iJust enhances the quality of purified water, reduces water usage and calculates the optimal cleaning cycles for the system.

  • Premium product water quality at all times
  • Optimized, economic water consumption
  • Guaranteed longer life of down-stream ultrapure water systems

Display with Touch Function

Navigate easily and intuitively using the clearly structured arium® menu – a light touch on the display is all it takes for error-free control, even while you’re wearing gloves.

Lowest TOC content

The 185 | 254 nm UV lamp, which can be integrated as an option, not only prevents microbiological growth, but also minimizes total organic compounds (TOC) in purified water. The low TOC level of < 2 ppb in arium® water therefore ensures the reproducibility and reliability of your lab results. Moreover, you can have TOC readings continuously checked and displayed in real time by our optionally integrated TOC monitor specially developed for this ultrapure water system.

Major Advantages of arium® comfort II

The arium® integrates perfectly into your given space requirements in the lab, whether as a bench-top, wall-mounted or a built-in unit.

  • The highest Type 2 water quality, plus Type 1, at all times
  • Optimized, lean and green water usage
  • Guaranteed longer life of downstream ultrapure water systems
  • Total ease of use
  • The lowest TOC level with constant monitoring option
  • High system flexibility to meet your specific needs


arium® comfort II — Beste Technologie Ohne Kompromisse
de 808.7 kB
arium® comfort II — Best Technology Without Compromise
en 807.4 kB

Product properties

  • Brand
  • Line voltage
    100 – 240 V
  • Maximum Flow Rate
    2 L/min (ASTM Type 1) / 10 L/h (Type 2)
  • Product water resistivity (at 25 °C)
    18.2 MΩ × cm (ASTM Type I) / < 5 - 15 MΩ × cm (Type II)
  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
    ≤ 2 ppb
  • TOC level (depending on feed water)
    ≤ 2 ppb (ASTM Type I)
  • Product Water Type
    Ultrapure water (Type I) / electro deionised water (Type II)
  • Installation Option
  • TOC Monitor
  • Dispenser Gun Compatible

Technical attributes

  • Water System Type
    Combined Water System
  • Feed Water Source
    Tap water
  • Application
    • Feed Water Lab Systems
    • Buffer and Media Prep
    • Histology
    • IC
    • Preparation of Reagents
    • Photometry
    • TOC-Analysis
    • ELISA
    • AAS
    • GC-MS