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Stopper for 1 l suction flask 16606,

Item no.:  17004

Price:  $8.80

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System with suction flask Sartolab RF complete units, the all-glass filter holder type 16309 and the 47 mm polycarbonate holder type 16510, are supplied with a filtrate receiver flask and can be connected directly to the vacuum source with a vacuum hose. All other holders must be fitted onto either a suction flask or a manifold. Additionally to the vacuum hose and source, a suction flask and a suitable bored stopper is necessary. The vacuum source can either be an electrically driven pump, a water jet pump or a hand operated pump. Avoid liquid filtrate flowing into the electric pump. This can be achieved by using a Vacusart unit with hydrophobic PTFE filter when the suction flask is filled or foamed over. When a water pump is used, this combination avoids that water flows back into a suction flask. Alternatively, the use of a Woulff’s bottle makes a visual control possible. Such a bottle is also useful for a simple adjustment of vacuum with filter holders without a tap for vacuum control. Systems with manifolds Polycarbonate holders type 16511 can be fitted directly onto 3- or 6-branch manifolds. Glass holders require adapters. Also stainless steel holders can be mounted by using adapters and multi-manifolds. The complete manifold systems described on the previous page are far less expensive and more convenient to use. Additionally, a vacuum hose and a source are required. When an electrical pump is used, a vacuum resistant container must be inserted between manifold and pump. The insertion of a Vacusart unit in the vacuum line between the container and the pump is recommended. Further useful accessories Forceps are very important for the use of the membrane filters.Bored stopper to use individual stainless steel filter holders (16841, 16201, 16219 or 16220) onto 1L suction flask (16606).


  • Bore Diameter
    9.5 mm

Materials of Construction

  • Materials of Construction
    Silicone (SI)

Physicochemical Information

  • Conicity
    40 – 45 mm