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Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab V, 250 ml, 10 g

Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab V, 250 mL, 10 g is a kit designed for the clarification and sterile filtration of up to 250 mL mammalian cell culture with 10 g diatomaceous earth as filter aid per unit of filtration.

Item no.:  SDLV-0250-10E0-2

Price (USD):  $360.00


Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab V kits enable clarification and sterile filtration to be performed in a single step. These kits simplify the process by fully eliminating the centrifugation step otherwise needed for clarification. Each Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab V kit is comprised of pouches of filter aid and vacuum filtration units that match your needs.

  • Kit for a single-step mammalian cell culture harvesting
  • Fast and proof filtration
  • Gamma sterilized pouches of filter aid and vacuum filtration units

The kit



  • 2 × 180E03---------E (24 × Sartolab® RF 250; 0.22 µm; PES; single-packaged; sterile)
  • 1 × SDLKG-10.0------2 (24 × pouches of filter aid, 10 g)


  • Application
    • Cell Culture
    • Cell Culture (recombinant proteins, mAbs)
    • Cell Harvest
    • Cell Removal / Harvest
    • Clarification
    • Prefiltration
    • Protection of Final Filters
    • Screening
    • Sterility Testing
  • Application Area
    • Research and development
    • Analytical Sample Preparation
    • Clarification
    • Sterile Filtration

General Specifications

  • Cell Density
    > 5 mio. cells/mL

Physicochemical Information

  • Pore Size
    0.22 µm

Product Information

  • Brand
    Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab
  • Packaging
    Single pouch packed
  • Sample Type
    Cell Culture


  • Volume
    250 mL
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