Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab Filtration Kits

Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab products are filtration kits designed for the clarification and sterile filtration of mammalian cell cultures in R&D labs.

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Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab kits enable clarification and sterile filtration to be performed in a single step. These kits simplify the process by fully eliminating the centrifugation step otherwise needed for clarification. As a result, they enable harvested cell cultures to be efficiently clarified and sterilized in minutes – quickly and easily. Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab Features:

  • Kits for a single-step mammalian cell culture harvesting
  • Ready to use
  • Fast and effortless

Clarification and Sterile Filtration Kits from 15 mL to 1 L Samples

Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab P15 Kit

Filtration of 15 mL mammalian cell cultures with the Sartoclear Dynamics® P15 kit, a 20 mL syringe pre-filled with 0.5 g of DE filter aid and a 0.2 µm PES filter for sterile filtration.

Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab V Kits

Filtration of 50 mL up to 1 L mammalian cell cultures with the Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab V kits: pouches of DE filter aid combined with Sartolab® RF vacuum filtration units for sterile filtration.

Sartolab® RF vacuum filtration units can be used as stand-alone or in combination with the Sartolab® MultiStation for hands-free parallel filtration of up to 6 samples.

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  • Brand
    Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab
  • Sample Type
    Cell Culture
Sartolab® Multistation Filtration Units Stand


The Sartolab® Multistation is specially designed for simultaneous, hands-free filtration of up to six samples.

Top Features of the Sartolab® Multistation

  • Simultaneous filtration of one to six samples with one vacuum source
  • Hands-free filtration
  • Time-saving, with no installation time for each filter unit before use

Popular Applications for the Sartolab® Multistation

  • Hands-free, parallel filtration of up to six samples

Microsart® e.jet Laboratory Liquid Transfer Pump


The Microsart® e.jet Fluid Pump is a small, state-of-the-art liquid transfer pump for optimal vacuum filtration in your Microbiological QC lab.

Top Features of the Microsart® e.jet Fluid Pump

  • Small foot print – no need of suction flasks between pump and manifold
  • Simultaneous transfer of filtered liquid to waste
  • Constant flow rates and defined maximum vacuum

Popular Applications for the Microsart® e.jet Fluid Pump

  • Filtration of liquid samples in Microbiological Quality Control labs

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