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Phase Separating/Separation Paper Grade 480

Grade 480 is impregnated with stabilized silicon, thus rendering it hydrophobic: It retains water, but allows solvents to flow through. The flow stops automatically when the entire solvent has passed through. In many applications, this phase separator paper eliminates the need to use separating funnels.


* 24 Hours Turnaround Time

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Application Examples

  • Filtration of organic solvents that have been contaminated with water to separate the aqueous from the organic phase
  • Filtration of extracting solvents in clinical or medical labs
  • Separation of emulsions that are formed during the extraction of aqueous plant or drug solutions

Smooth Filter Papers for Qualitative & Technical Analyses
Item no.

These filter papers are used for routine analyses like clarification, determination of substances, but also as discs with a center hole for technical applications. Grades with a wet burst resistance > 30 kPa are referred to as wet-strengthened and are therefore suitable for pressure or vacuum filtration. White and bright particles can be easily detected with the black paper grade 918, due to the color contrast for example for the detection of fluorine or silicon in water or the detection of mycelium in mildews.