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In-Line Polycarbonate Filter Holders, 50 mm

This polycarbonate filter holder has been designed for the filtration of liter volumes of aqueous solutions with the use of 50 mm filters.

Item no.:  16508----------B

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It is made of stable, autoclavable polycarbonate. This practical holder is suitable for many simple laboratory filtrations. It can be connected to a peristaltic pump or a pressure container.

The bell-shaped base protects the filtrate from repeated contamination while flowing in a receiver. The holder is characterized by an excellent resistance to pressure and density setting by simple hand-tightening. The transparent top part allows the visual control of the correct fit of the O-ring. The hose nipples can be replaced by luer connectors to use it as a large area syringe filter holder.


赛多利斯 实验室过滤产品 精简目录
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Laboratory Filtration Products
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User Manual

16508B Polycarbonat-Filtrationsgeräte geschlossen, 50 mm
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