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Glass Vacuum Filtration Device, 25 mm

This glass vacuum filtration holder has been designed for particle testing, clarification and sterile filtration with the use of 24 or 25 mm filters.

Item no.:  16315

Availability:  On Request

The device is delivered with a PTFE-coated screen filter support that has the benefit to be easy to clean. Therefore it is recommended when the filtrate is required or when liquids difficult to remove from glass supports must be examined.


Laboratory Filtration Products (US and Canada)
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User Manual

16306,16307, 16315,16316 Glass Vacuum Filter Holders
en 345.2 kB

Product properties

  • Filtration area
    3 cm²
  • Diameter
    24 mm / 25 mm
  • Primary Product Type
    Filter Holders
  • Material
    Glass with PTFE-coated screen filter support
  • Pack Size
  • Filter Holder Type
    Glass Vacuum Filter Holders
  • Connector Inlet/Outlet
    12 mm outside diameter

Technical attributes

  • Funnel capacity
    30 mL
  • Sterilization Procedures
    • By autoclaving (max. 134 °C)
    • By dry heat (max. 180 °C)
    • By flaming
    • By other methods acc. to ISO 8199
  • Area of Application
    • Sterile Filtration
    • Analytical Sample Preparation
    • Clarification
    • Particle Analysis