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Diatomaceous Earth Filter Paper/ Grade 470 / ⌀ 185 mm Filter Discs

This filter grade is made of cellulose and diatomaceous earth and offer a much better separating capability than pure cellulose papers at the same rate of filtration. This grade quickly retains the finest particles at high flow rates.

Item no.:  FT-3-606-185

Price:  $124.00

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Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 140 g/cm²
  • Thickness: 0.32 mm

Application Examples

  • Clarification of beer, wine, urine during spectophotometric or refractometric tests.
  • Filtration of the finest, semi-colloidal precipitates, e.g. those consisting of proteins, clay or cold-precipitated barium.


Carte da filtro per il laboratorio e l’industria
it 6.3 MB
Filter Papers for the Laboratory and Industry
en 6.4 MB
Papiers filtres pour les laboratoires et l’industrie
fr 6.3 MB
zh 19.0 MB


Laboratory Filtration Products
en 8.2 MB


  • Application Area
    • Clarification
    • Analytical Sample Preparation


  • Filter Diameter
    ⌀ 185 mm
  • Thickness
    0.32 mm

General Specifications

  • Filter Format
  • Filter Paper/Membrane Color
  • Filtration Time
    80 s
  • Specifications
    White paper made of cellulose and kieselguhr with a slow rate of filtration

Materials of Construction

  • Filter Material
    Cellulose and Diatomaceous Earth

Physicochemical Information

  • Grade

Product Information

  • Filter Type
    Diatomaceous Earth Filter Papers
  • Pack Size
  • Packaging
    Non-sterile, bulk packed
  • Primary Product Type


  • Basis Weight
    140 g/m²