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Diatomaceous Earth Filter Paper/ Grade 470 / ⌀ 150 mm Folded Filters

This filter grade is made of cellulose and diatomaceous earth and offer a much better separating capability than pure cellulose papers at the same rate of filtration. This grade quickly retains the finest particles at high flow rates.

Item no.:  FT-4-606-150

Price:  $83.00

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100 Pieces

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 140 g/cm²
  • Thickness: 0.32 mm

Application Examples

  • Clarification of beer, wine, urine during spectophotometric or refractometric tests.
  • Filtration of the finest, semi-colloidal precipitates, e.g. those consisting of proteins, clay or cold-precipitated barium.


Filter Papers for the Laboratory and Industry
en 6.4 MB
Papiers filtres pour les laboratoires et l’industrie
fr 6.3 MB
Carte da filtro per il laboratorio e l’industria
it 6.3 MB
zh 19.0 MB


Laboratory Filtration Products
en 8.2 MB


  • Application Area
    • Clarification
    • Analytical Sample Preparation


  • Filter Diameter
    ⌀ 150 mm
  • Thickness
    0.32 mm

General Specifications

  • Filter Format
  • Filter Paper/Membrane Color
  • Filtration Time
    80 s
  • Specifications
    White paper made of cellulose and kieselguhr with a slow rate of filtration

Materials of Construction

  • Filter Material
    Cellulose and Diatomaceous Earth

Physicochemical Information

  • Grade

Product Information

  • Filter Type
    Diatomaceous Earth Filter Papers
  • Pack Size
  • Packaging
    Non-sterile, bulk packed
  • Primary Product Type


  • Basis Weight
    140 g/m²