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Vivaflow® 50 Complete System, 115v

Complete set of accessories for the Vivaflow® 50 with a 115 V pump

Comprises: Pump (115 V), Easy Load pump head (size 16), tubing, 500 ml sample| diafiltration reservoir, module stand, pressure indicator, T-connectors, series interconnectors

Item no.:  VFS504

Price:  $2,080.00

1 Piece

Vivaflow® 50 is a disposable and ready-to-use crossflow cassette for filtration and concentration of samples from 100 ml to 3 l. The membrane surface per device is 50 cm². One pack contains two devices and comes with all necessary accessories for running two devices with a laboratory pump and a size 16 pump head. For speeding up the concentration and increasing the volume throughput, six cassettes can be connected.

Optimally suited for applications like cell culture supernatant concentration, virus concentration and water concentration e.g. in fish breading facilities, this economical product offers a standard of ease of use, reliability and flexibility unrivalled by any laboratory filtration system in the market. The thin-channel, flip-flow recirculation path of the modules provides high crossflow velocities with minimum pump speed requirements. A single 50 cm² module typically reduces 500 ml to 15 ml in less than 50 min. Nearly total recovery of the concentrate is achieved with a single rinse. Up to six of the unique interlocking modules can be connected for easy scale up resulting in a capacity of several liters. Vivaflow® 50 is intended for single use. All accessories for sample concentration, except a peristaltic pump with a pump head for size 16 tubing, are included in the package. A 500 ml sealed diafiltration reservoir can be added to the system for rapid and convenient buffer exchange.

Pump(115V), Pump head (size 16), tubing, 500ml sample/diafiltration reservoir

Equipment required

The standard Vivaflow® 50 package comes with two cassettes, tubing, flow restrictor, one series interconnector and high pressure pump tubing. All you need is a peristaltic pump with a pump head capable of handling 6.4 mm OD tubing (size 16).

Running more than two Vivaflow® 50 devices in parallel and series

For speeding up the concentration, as many as six Vivaflow® 50 cassettes can easily be connected using 2 T-connectors for connecting 2 Vivaflow® cassettes at the inlet and at the outlet and series interconnectors for connecting the devices inbetween. A pressure indicator needs to be built in the inlet for optimal control.

  • High flow rate and recovery
  • Clear housing for process monitoring
  • Ready to use single cassettes
  • Easy set up of multiple cassettes
  • Economical and disposable product

Unique in its performance

A single 50cm² module will typically reduce 500 ml to less than 15 ml in under 50 minutes. Less than 10 ml minimum system recirculation for highest concentrations. Less than 1.5 ml non recoverable hold up volume. Near total recoveries achievable with a single 10 ml rinse.

Performance Characteristics

Time to concentrate up to 20x (min.) at 3 bar
inlet pressure, 20°C
Single device Three devices Solute recovery %
250 ml start vol. min. 1 L start vol. min. Direct 10 ml rinse
BSA 1.0 mg/ml (66,000 MW)
5,000 MWCO PES 34 49 96 %> 99 %
10,000 MWCO PES 22 32 94 %> 99 %
30,000 MWCO PES 22 32 92 % 99 %
50,000 MWCO PES 20 29 92 % 98 %
γ Globulins 1.0 mg/ml
100,000 MWCO PES 43 62 92 % 98 %
100,000 MWCO RC 40 58 92 % 98 %
Yeast 1.0 mg/ml (S.Cerevisiae)
0.2 μm PES 33 47 92 % 98 %


Laboratory Filtration Products
en 17.2 MB
Lab Ultrafiltration and Purification Products
en 10.3 MB


Masterflex® Peristaltic Pumps - Reliable fluid transfer for Vivaflow® cassettes
en 1.2 MB

User Manual

Masterflex Easy-Load Pump Head Manual
en 498.2 kB

Compliance Information

  • Animal Components
  • CSA Compliant
  • Certification
  • Electrical / Battery item

Materials of Construction

  • Flow Channel
    TPX (PMP)
  • Flow Restrictor
    Polypropylene (PP)
  • Material o-ring | seal
    Silicone (SI)
  • Membrane Support
    TPX (PMP)

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Allowable Working Temperature
    60 °C (140 °F)
  • Maximum Operating Pressure
    3 bar (44 psi)

Power Requirements

  • Line Voltage
    115 V

Product Information

  • Brand
    Vivaflow® 50
Sample and Diafiltration Reservoir, 500 mL


500 ml sample|diafiltration reservoir to be used with Vivaflow® systems. Allows the convenient application of samples and the continuous replacement of buffer.

Series Interconnectors, Size 16, 6pc


Series Interconnectors (6 pieces)

Series interconnectors for running up to six Vivaflow® 50 units in parallel

T-Connectors, Size 16, 2pc


T Connectors for Vivaflow® 50 (2 pieces)

T connectors for running 2 stacks of Vivaflow® 50

Luer Fittings, Female to Size 16 Hose Barb, 10pc


Female Luer fittings Size 16 (10 pieces) to be used with the Vivaflow® systems

Pressure Indicator, 1-3 bar


Pressure Indicator (1-3 bar)

Pressure indicator (1-3 bar) for Vivaflow® units

Cassette Stand for Vivaflow® 50


Plate used for setting up Vivaflow® 50 units

Vivaflow® 50 stand

Flow Restrictors, 0.6 mm, 6pc


Flow restrictor 0.6 mm (6 pieces)

Flow restrictors 6 x 0.6 pink to be used with the Vivaflow® systems

Replacement Tubing Set for Vivaflow®


Tubing Set for Vivaflow® 50

Comprises: 2 x 1 m size 16 PVC tubing with inlet fittings, 2 x 50 cm size 16 PVC tubing with 0.6 mm flow restrictors, 1 x series interconnector

Peristaltic Pump Drive, 115v


Pumps used for filtration. Choose from a broad range of universal pumps and manual pumps over laboratory vacuum pumps to peristaltic pumps.

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