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Vivaclear MINI 0.8µm PES, 100pc

500 µl - 100 µl
For fast and reliable clarification / filtration

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100 Pieces

Vivaclear Mini 0.8 µm PES

Vivaclear centrifugal filters are disposable microfiltration units for the fast and reliable clarification/filtration of biological samples in the range from 100 µl to 500 µl. Vivaclear units feature a high-flux PES membrane of 0.8 µm pore size and can be used in fixed angle rotors accepting 2.2 ml centrifuge tubes. Standard applications are sample clarification before loading onto Vivapure protein purification spin columns, particle removal, plasma or serum filtration, and removal of cells or cell debris from cell lysates or cell supernatants.

  • High-flux, 0.8 mm PES membrane
  • Used in fixed angle rotors
  • Low hold-up volume
  • Fast and reproducible performance


Ultrafiltration Family
en 1.6 MB
zh 4.2 MB
zh 19.0 MB


Laboratory Filtration Products
en 8.2 MB


Vivaclear Centrifugal Filters — For in vitro use only
en 75.0 kB


  • Application
    • Buffer & Media
    • Cell Removal / Harvest
  • Application Area
  • Market
    • BioPharma
    • Research


  • Certification

Compliance Information

  • Animal Components
  • Electrical / Battery item

Materials of Construction

  • Concentrator Body/Sleeve
    Polypropylene (PP)
  • Filtrate Vessel
    Polypropylene (PP)
  • Membrane
    Polyethersulfone (PES)
  • Membrane Material
    Polyethersulfone (PES)

Physicochemical Information

  • Pore Size
    0.8 µm

Product Information

  • Device Type
    Centrifugal Ultrafiltration Devices
  • Pack Size
  • Primary Product Type
    Ultrafiltration Devices
  • Sample Type
    • DNA
    • Protein
    • Peptide
    • Urine
    • Nanoparticles
    • Virus


  • Fixed Angled Rotor - Maximum Capacity
    500 µL
  • Volume Range
    0.1 – 0.5 mL

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