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Non-woven Filters

These nonwoven grades are made of rayon (viscose) and/or polyester and are available in different weights. They can be used for the filtration or prefiltration of viscous solutions containing particles visible with the naked eye.


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Polyester Non-woven, Grade 2701 60 g/m²
Polyester Non-woven, Grade 2701 60 g/m²
Item no.: FT-1-01323-38040


0.2 mm
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  • The viscose grade 2601, 20 g/² with a mean pore size of 100 µm is used for example for the testing of mortars according to DIN 18555-7.


  • The viscose grade 2601, 60 g/m² with a mean pore size of 75 µm is used in the petrochemical industry to retain the biggest particles before further analysis with a viscosimetry.


  • The viscose & polyester grade 2602, 150 g/m² is used in the food-processing industry for the detection of contaminants for example in dairy products & baby food.


Filter Papers for the Laboratory and Industry
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Papiers filtres pour les laboratoires et l’industrie
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Carte da filtro per il laboratorio e l’industria
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Laboratory Filtration Products
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