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Glass Microfiber Filters without Binder

Binder-free glass microfiber filters are recommended for analytical and gravimetric analyses and also as prefilters. These filters combine fast flow rates with high load capacity and the retention of very fine particles; they are biologically inert, are resistant to most chemicals and withstand temperatures up to 500 °C (grade 550-HA up to 550 °C).


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Application Examples

  • Prefiltration: Grades 13440, MGB, MGD
  • Analysis of suspended solids in wastewater according to EN 872: Grade MGC
  • Analysis of supended solids in wastewater according to 2540D: Grade MG 550-HA
  • Clarification of buffer & reagent solutions: Grade MGA
  • Clarification of protein solutions, TCLP Test: Grade MGF
  • Air monitoring: MG 160